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Student Meal Accounts

Meal Account Numbers

Students are each given a meal account PIN (Personal Identification Number) which can be found in the Hub and are entered on a key pad at meal times. Please help your child memorize his/her number before the first day of school; it can be practiced on a calculator.

Students keep their meal account numbers until they graduate or leave the district.  

For students not returning to school, please contact the Food Services office at (952) 681-6570 for a refund.

Student Spending

Did you know you are able to put a spending limit on your child's meal account? Just call the school kitchen to set spending limits.  You can access what your child purchases on his/her meal account by calling the school kitchen or by calling our Food Services Office at 952-681-6570.  You can also read and print an account statement report with your student's daily spending and payment information.

Visit PayPAMS for a student purchasing report, meal account balance, online payments and payment history.  This is a quick and secure way for parents/guardians to manage their children's food service meal account. Parents must register with PayPAMS to access these features. Please allow one full school day after registering before meal account balance and history is available.  Online payments can be made right away.

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Families may be eligible for free or reduced-price meals. An application for educational benefits must be completed each year to apply for free or reduced-price meals. Applications are available at all schools, the district food service office or online. Approval is for complete meals only, breakfast and lunch (which includes milk). This does not include milk with a lunch from home. The price for milk is 50 cents. Milk may be purchased on a student's account.