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Office of the Superintendent

On behalf of our students, faculty, staff and School Board of the Bloomington Public Schools, welcome and thank you for your interest in our school district.

Our mission declares, "The Bloomington Public School District is an educational leader developing in ALL of our learners the ability to thrive in a rapidly changing world." 

Every day, Bloomington teachers, staff and administrators are working together to make sure our systems, operations and people are focused on achieving this ambitious goal. From early childhood through graduation, our Pathways to Graduation Plan is preparing all students for a successful future with an emphasis on college and career readiness.
We welcome and encourage parents and community members to become actively engaged in our students’ success. Please share with us your hopes and dreams for our school district and if you are so inclined, please step forward and volunteer to share your time and talents to help ensure that every student in our district reaches his or her potential. 


Les Fujitake                                                                              
Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent's Action Plans

The superintendent has established the following action plans for the 2016-17 school year, which align with the School Board's goals.

  1. Update Long Range Financial Plan:
    - Reach Board agreement on an operating referendum plan
    - Reach Board agreement on Right Sizing the Budget III Plan.  
  2. Milestones:
    - Achieve 2016-17 Milestone Vision Metrics
  3. Enhance our community engagement:
    - Establish a Family/Community Engagement partnership with County, City and Metropolitan Council.
  4. Enhance academic programming
    - Bring innovation to targeted services (extended day and extended year) programming.
    - Continue standards work.
    - Establish innovative facilities pilot program.
  5. Expand use of Personal Growth Plans for each student:
    - Continue rollout of Peronsal Growth Plans.
  6. Contine expanding the use of SLEDS: 
    - Continue to data mine the SLEDS microdata.


Main: 952-681-6402
Fax: 952-681-6406

Les Fujitake
Superintendent of Schools