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Digital Content

One of the three main goals of NTL is to provide students with  a “digital backpack” full of the resources they need to learn, transitioning from the finite resources of textbooks to the expansive learning options of the Internet.

  • Tools: Giving teachers and students the right tools to get the job done - Google Docs, Moodle, the Hub - and evaluating the need for additional tools.
  • Digital Content: Create a repository of digital content for staff and students to access and apply for learning.
  • Flexible Learning: Using digital content to provide students with greater opportunity to learn at their own time, place, path and pace.
  • Professional Development: Staff need time, support and training to continue the shift to digital content and tools.
  • Personal Devices: To leverage digital content, each student will carry a mobile device to be used for learning.
  • Technical Support: Additional support to maintain access to digital content and tools.