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Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Anytime, Anywhere learning starts with removing barriers that currently exist for some of our students by providing a device and internet access in and outside of school. This allows for the following learning and teaching advantages:

  • Students can be independent and have ownership of time, place, path, and pace for learning.
  • Students can advocate for their own learning, knowing all the tools are available anytime and anywhere.
  • Students can have access to a variety of types and sources of information.
  • Students can learn when and where they are ready, including expanding learning opportunities beyond the walls of the school.
  • Teachers can plan for and use instructional tools when and where they are appropriate and helpful for learning and teaching.
Examples of anytime, anywhere learning include the following:
  • Flipped & hybrid instruction: Using time creatively to meet the needs of students.
  • Access in school: Creating a wireless infrastructure at school that can accommodate use by all students.
  • Access outside of school: Accessing the internet outside of the school space and time. The district works with families and community partners to eliminate the access gap.
  • Online Learning: Fully online courses for our high school students, taught by Bloomington Public School teachers.