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Custodial Documents and Forms

Important Information

Noise Ordinance

Custodial Contract

2015-2017 Custodial Contract 

Time Sheets

Time sheet/payroll voucher - due on the 1st and 16th each month
Custodial overtime log
Working Outside Job Classification Log

Time Off

Leave request form - please include doctor's note
Medical proof of illness guidelines
Emergency school closings/severe winter weather memo
Bereavement guidelines
Skyward Time Off Guidelines 2017

Health & Safety

If you become injured at work: what to do
Map to airport clinic 
Employee accident form 
Student or visitor accident report
School fire evacuation/lockdown/severe weather drill


B&G Snow Guidelines

Expense & Mileage

Expense form
Mileage form - 53.5 cents for 2017; 54 cents for 2016


Memo - Away from work
Resignation letter form
Incident reporting
School credit card transaction form
Duties of the kitchen custodian
Uniform dress code memo
Working outside job classification log
New Employee Orientation Form

Phone Numbers

B&G and school phone numbers


Courier schedule 
Laundry schedule
Food and bread run schedule
2017-2018 Whittle, Taiko, Gamelan and DDR schedule - coming soon
2017 – 2018 Chiefs Meeting Dates

Central Maintenance Forms

Time Sheet / Payroll Voucher 
CM CC transaction form
CM pre-trip vehicle check list form

Boiler and Pool

New boiler & pool license information - as of 2015


Map of the district
Custodial door numbers

Check Lists

Bobcat maintenance check list
Mower maintenance check list
Equipment inspection and maintenance sheet
Summer cleaning room check list
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