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What is Aesop?

Aesop is an automated substitute placement and absence management system serving more than 4,000 school districts nationwide. Many Minnesota school districts use Aesop.

Recording an Absence and Requesting a Sub

1.  If you are going to be absent from work,  enter the absence into Skyward first.
2.  After putting the request into Skyward, a box will pop up asking if you need to request a sub. Check the yes box and you will automatically be redirected to Aesop to enter the sub request. 
3. All employees are responsible for entering their own leave requests into Skyward and Aesop. In order to subs to be paid, all time must be recorded in both Skyward and Aesop.

Since most staff are recording their absences through Skyward, what happens to the short- and long-term leave forms?

We are now able to simplify the current paper leave process.  We now have one leave form titled “Leave of Absence Request Form.”  This form is necessary anytime you have a medical leave of more than four days (FMLA), jury duty, year-long leave, internal leave, etc. where additional documentation is required. The new form is available online under Quick Links and will be fillable so you can complete it and email it directly to your supervisor, if you wish. It will still be your responsibility to record this time off in Skyward and to request a sub, if needed.

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